Heroic, forceful and fearless - Australia's tugboat heritage

Tugboats and their crews are often the unseen, unnoticed heroes of the water. They are the Davids nudging Goliaths as they pull and push leviathan tankers and majestic cruise ships, many times their size, safely along narrow channels to harbour berths.

Their fascinating history is written large through the stories of its characters, of cheeky ‘kisses’ on a Queen’s hull, of convenient collisions but also rivalry so intense there was more than a tought of skulduggery afoot, It is a history of make-do ingenuity when things didn’t quite go according to planm coupled with unparalleled seamanship and bravery in weathers that would wreck much larger ships. It is having to man the aptly named ‘dog boats’ to pick up floating carcasses, as well as the odd idle hour spent fishing, away from the boss’s gaze. It is the story of river tugs stranded by receding wters miles inland during drought, as well as men (and sheep) pitched on stormy shorelines.

Author 1: Randi Svensen
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Citrus Press
Release Date: Apr-12
Publication Place: Australia


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Heroic, forceful and fearless - Australia\'s tugboat heritage
Heroic, forceful and fearless - Australia's tugboat heritage