Fore & Aft - Tas Bull

Fore and Aft is a book of sea stories, personal encounters and nautical history by an author who was known for the understatement of his own achievements, his anecdotal and accessible style and his inherent good humour and optimism. But this book as extra value for many as the record of someone who was prepared both to make a stand to conciliate; to mobilise people in a cause and to insist on standards and principles. Even many of his contemporary adversaries now reflect that the basics which he and his comrades fought for – whether in pursuit of decent safety working conditions or rewards for one’s labour – were a good thing for their world.

This legacy of vigilance, compassion and determination continues to inspire those that want to nurture and protect the rights and needs of their fellow human beings and as they read Fore and Aft those people will also share in the great adventure that is the wonder of ports, seas and far away places and the unique people that go there.e

The Maritime Union of Australia and the Australian Council of Trade Unions are delighted to have assisted in the final instalment of Tas Bull’s literary contribution.

Tas Bull was the former General Secretary of the Waterside Workers Federation


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Fore & Aft - Tas Bull
Fore & Aft - Tas Bull

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